The past three seasons have treated anglers to the best offshore fishing in our lifetimes. 2014 brought slam-dunk fishing close to home on school grade tuna; 2015 was the year of exotics—and the best big bluefin fishing since the early days of the Avalon Tuna Club. Then in 2016 the 80- to 250-plus-pound bluefin tuna stole the show. Like others, I parlayed my long range experience into fishing local waters, putting together days on big bluefin tuna that hadn’t been since the early 1900s.   

Bluefin researchers went on record saying that we can expect this cycle for three to five years; 2017 did not disappoint, with 51 fish over 100 pounds, of which 13 went over the 200-pound mark

If you book a trip in 2018 expect a very full day of fishing. Don’t make dinner plans. We like to fish the late afternoon and many trips get back after dark.  

2017 Charter Pricing

  • Pilothouse: $1600 offshore/$1800 big bluefin/kite trips
  • Center Console: $1350 offshore/$1560 big bluefin/kite trips
  • *open party trips are available when not chartered